what martial arts is used in the assassins creed games?

Question by datuam01: what martial arts is used in the assassins creed games?
I am wondering what type of martial arts the fighting in assassins creed is based off of. this style of counter fighting would be very useful in a mixed martial arts setting.

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Answer by for ever fighting
it use to be well known that assains used ninjitsu so i figured that is what he uses that and pauker

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2 Responses to “what martial arts is used in the assassins creed games?”

  1. Alex says:

    I think Mr. “For ever fighting” hit the bullseye on this one, as I was also thinking ninjitsu for stealth and parkour for wall scaling and jumping across rooftops. The only thing I would add is Krav Maga, which deals with knife and gun defense.

  2. Riq M says:

    Theres is definatly Pakour in there but NO ninjustu ninjustu came from japan and martial arts wasnt spread out as much back then in the setting they made assassins creed so no ninjustu it would be closer to greecemartial arts or perisa martial arts and mixed with some french raiper style swordmenship fighting. the fistfight is mainly boxing and Pankration , or can be based around Canarian Wrestling and Nova Scrimia (“new fencing” [it was an organization that tuaght martial arts.])which is the use of all swords knifes spears sticks draggers and etc.

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