How to make a decent judo dummy for myself?

Question by terrydada: How to make a decent judo dummy for myself?
What material do I need to make a good quality judo dummy? I have pieces of differernt color/type of leather/synthetic leather for the leather touch (about half A4 size each). Is it possible to make a dummy with those leather? I don”t want them to go to waste and I want a judo dummy. What can I do?

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Answer by bluto blutarsky2
go into a museum and steal a mummy.

Seriously, who here can’t tell me that those things look like mummies?

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5 Responses to “How to make a decent judo dummy for myself?”

  1. Guvna says:

    A very novel idea, i had never thought of making one. Always wanted one but been put off by the price.

    Not very good a sewing though looks like i’m gonna be a few $ $ £££’s lighter, unless i stick with GnP on the punch bag

  2. nm_angel_eyes says:

    check out this book:

    it should have the instructions you need!!!

    hope this helps!

    ~*good luck*~

  3. Robert says:

    What if you took a manequin and wrapped some sheets and padding around it with tape? Maybe to stiff.

    Some of the training you maybe could accomplish with a heavy punching bag. Tie some towls to the top of the bag hooks to act as arms?

  4. bushido says:

    pieces half a4 size?your joking right?if not pour glue on yourself stick the hundreds of half A4 size material all over yourself and now you have a judo dummy.have fun throwing yourself around and tossing yourself off.

  5. Judoka says:

    I wouldn’t recomend using a throwing dummy… You will only be wasting your time. Tie your obi to a pole or a tree and do your Uchi Komi (turning in to throw but not throwing) with it. Or get some good bungee cord about 6-8 feet worth times 2 say about 1/4 inch thick and tie it to something like a pole or tree or if you have a bae ment and can attach a heavy duty eye hook to the wall. Either of the 2 would be so much better for Uchi Komi than a dummy. As the Dummy offers no resistance and is too light. It also will prevent you from using your foot work. Also how can you work on your Kasushi (hand techniques) Or even do throws like Ipon Seionage or Uchi Mata let alone Uchi Gari or other sweeping techniques.
    Ask your sensei about using your obi (belt) at home for Uchi Komi they should know how to explain it to you. Other wise get a friend or relative to wear your Judogi so you can do Uchi Komi on them.

    I have however seen people use tackling dummies from foot ball to do it, but i was for kids who didn’t want to throw people or get thrown. In that case what good is even training.

    13 years of Judo

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